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The best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding of how much your property is worth is through a free one-to-one appraisal with one of our experienced local agents. Request a Free Valuation by using this form

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The best way to get an accurate and detailed understanding of how much your property is worth is through a free one-to-one appraisal with one of our experienced local agents.  Request a Free Valuation by using this form.

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Why let through Aztec?

Tenant vetting

At Aztec we believe finding a suitable Tenant for your property is one of the most important parts of the process.  Once we have an interested applicant we will initially vet and review their application with you and if we are happy to proceed to the next stage then we will submit the application to a reference agency to carry out credit history checks, gain references from employers and landlords.  Subject to satisfactory results we will begin the Tenancy preparations.

Regular inspections

Your property is your asset and it is important to maintain it.  At Aztec we carry out regular property inspections to check the condition of the property, make not of any maintenance issues and ensure smoke alarms are working.  You will receive a copy of the inspection report which will high light any issues.  We will assist with any follow up works required.

Detailed property inventory

Another important part of the process is the Property Inventory.  Once a suitable Tenant is found for your property Aztec will compile a detailed inventory of the property with timestamped pictures, detailed notes and check in meter readings.  The Property Inventory ensures transparency of the condition of the property and is used to cross reference the Check Out Inspection at the end of the Tenancy.

Competitive fees

We provide a competitive fee structure and ensure to maintain high levels of services.  With Aztec you will always receive a fully-fledged Lettings and Management service, this includes our high street office, experienced staff members, modern marketing methods using social media and internet portals, To Let boards and advertising in the local press.  Have a look at our Offers page to see our latest discounts!

Accredited letting agents

On top of our years of experience and extensive marketing methods Aztec have a string of accreditations and the one we are most proud of is being members of the ARLA Property Mark.  The ARLA accreditation required a member of staff to pass a series of exams and to continue their professional development on a yearly basis.  Also the company had to go through rigorous auditing of their accounts.  What this means for our customers is that we have to maintain a level of service and ensure that we are up to date and comply with all the latest regulations being introduced to the Lettings industry.      

Full Management Service

For peace of mind

The Comprehensive Full Management Service is for those Landlords who want peace of mind their investment is being professionally managed, without having to get involved in the day to day maintenance and management of the property.

What's included? Fees
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Let Only Service

For a hands on approach

The Let Only Service is a great option for Landlord's who want to take a more hands-on approach of letting their property. You can commission Aztec to find a suitable Tenant and then take over the management of the property yourself.

What's included? Fees
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Additional info

Helpful Info

If you are new to the Lettings Industry it may seem like a minefield. But we assure you it’s not and have provided some helpful tips to ensure the journey of letting out your property is as smooth as possible. Or if you prefer simply call us and we happily run through it all with you.

More Info

Legal Info

There are legal requirements associated with renting out residential properties in the UK and as a Landlord it is good to familiarise yourself with them as these are put in place to strengthen and maintain a level of quality within the industry.  As ARLA licensed members we are regularly updated with new regulations and have listed the details for you here.

More Info

Additional Services

When it comes to renting your property you will need certain certificates in place to ensure the property meets required legal standards and also insurances to safeguard your asset. We can help you with this, click on the link to request a quote for Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate(EPC), Electrical Certificate or Landlords Insurances.

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Service Levels

Aztec Lettings primarily provide two levels of service; The Full Management Service which is for Landlords who like to have peace of mind and then we provide The Let Only Service which ideal for Landlords who prefer the hands on approach.  We are also happy to provide a service which is tailored to your requirements.  Contact us to discuss the different options.       

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Helpful tips

Helpful tips when renting a property

From our years of experience in the industry we have put together some helpful tips and advice that will help you get the edge in this competitive market.  Simply click the button below to complete a short form and you will receive our 9 tops tips.

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