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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why are references required?

References are used to check all applicants credit history and also a reference from a former landlord, current employer and previous employer. These references are necessary for us to ensure that you have the means to pay the rent. We check your credit history to check whether you have had any court orders or CCJs against you in the past. The landlord reference is to help us ensure that you are a reliable tenant who pays on time and doesnt damage the property. You employer reference is to ensure that you are in the employment that you h ave stated on your application form. However if you have a bad credit history you may still be able to apply for the property, as long as you tell us beforehand. If you mislead us about your credit history then your application will automatically be rejected. However if you have a bad credit history you may still be able to apply for the property, as we can agree on terms to satisfy the landlord. If you mislead us about your credit history then your application will automatically fail.

Do I have to pay an administration fee when applying to take a property?

Yes an administration fee is required, It is a fee taken from the applicant to ensure the property is reserved for them subject to references being accepted. This fee usually includes the costs of referencing each adult who will be moving into the property, together with the administration costs involved in preparing for the tenancy commencement.

What ID do I need provide when I apply for a property?

We require one proof of address and one picture ID. For residency we accept a recent gas electric bill, council tax, mobile phone bill dated within the last 3 months or a current tenancy agreement. For pictue ID we accrept driving licence with a photo or passport. In some circumstances additional ID will be requested to complete your reference application.

Do I have to sign a tenancy agreement with my landlord?

Yes, until the tenancy agreement is signed there is no contract between you and the landlord.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a security deposit is required in case of any of damage or dilapidation of the property during your tenancy. Aztec hold deposits under one of the three Tenancy Deposit Schemes in England and Wales.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit will be held for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy you will be checked out of your property and an assessment of damage / dilapidations will be made. Your tenancy agreement will state what can be claimed from the deposit. If any of these items are identified, then proposed deductions will be discussed with you. Aztec would prefer to be able to agree to refund the full deposit to you on your vacation, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled the terms of the tenancy, left the property in accordance with the inventory and schedule of condition, followed the check out notes and ensured that you rent is paid up to date.

When can I pick up the keys to my new home?

Aztec will not release any keys to you until the commencement date of the tenancy agreement. You will be required to visit the office on this day in order to finalise any paperwork, such as signing the tenancy agreement, collecting a copy of the gas safety certificate and completing a standing order or direct debit form. Once all of these have been completed and Aztec have completed all their procedures, you will be given the keys to your rental property.

What am I, as a tenant, responsible for?

As a tenant you are responsible for: (1) Prompt payment of rent. (2) Prompt payment of gas, electricity, telephone and internet bills. (3) Reporting any damages and repairs to the property as early as possible. (4) Carrying out odd jobs in the property in a Tenant like manner such as changing light bulbs etc. (5) Repairing any damage caused by you at the property which includes unblocking a sink or toilet which has been blocked due to your misuse.

What other costs will I have besides the rent?

These will vary but are most likely to include gas, electricity, telephone, water rates, council tax and contents insurance to cover your own possessions.

What maintenance is the landlord required to complete?

Your Landlord has statutory obligations to maintain and repair certain areas and items in your property. Your Landlord must ensure that: (1) The gas appliances and pipework at the property are safe and is obliged to have a qualified engineer to test these on an annual basis. You will be provided with a copy of this certificate which should indicate that all of the appliances and pipework are safe. (2) The electrical appliances that they have supplied to you at the property are safe. They will require access to your property in order for a qualified engineer to conduct this check on an annual basis. (3) The structure of the building is maintained to include walls, drainpipes, guttering, roof and windows. (2) The hot water and heating are operational. If they should malfunction, then your Landlord is responsible for ensuring that it is fixed, oce you have altered them, in the shortest time possible. (2) Your landlord is not responsible for repairing any damage that you have caused at the property - this is your responsibility.

Can I redecorate or make any other alterations to the property?

This will be stated in the tenancy agreement, but in most cases you cannot decorate or alter the property without the landlord or property owner's consent.

How do I end my lease early?

When you enter into a tenancy agreement with your Landlord it will state how long this period is for. During this time neither you nor the Landlord can end the tenancy unless there have been breaches of the terms. If you would like to vacate the property at the end of the fixed tenancy then you must give a minimum of one months written notice to vacate the property at the end of the fixed tenancy, or if you are on a periodic basis then you must give one months written notice from a rent date to end the tenancy. If there is a break clause in place you may be able to end your tenancy early according to the terms of the break clause. A fixed term lease give you security to occupy a property for a set period of time and you will be responsible for paying the rent for this sent period of time which was agreed at the commencement of the tenancy.

Can I stay longer than the agreed term of my tenancy?

Once the initial fixed tenancy term is coming to an end, it may be possible to renew the tenancy contract for another fixed term or continue to rent the property on month by month basis (known as periodic basis), by mutual agreement with the landlord.

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